The KEY to Making Job Relocation Smooth and Easy


Have thoughts of moving to the beautiful sunny coasts of Southern California been filling your dreams? Has the big red bridge of San Francisco been beckoning you to join the city? Have the northern coasts of the west and their miles of green living drawn your attention?

People everywhere are limiting themselves to a smaller radius of living due to the costs and fears involved in relocating. While the decision to relocate anywhere involves a great deal of consideration, it doesn’t have to be as daunting and expensive as perceived. So what, do you ask, is the key to making this madness attainable? A recruiter! Read more

Debunking 5 Myths About the Benefits of Private Industry

Ryan Olstad, Research Associate

There’s an unfortunately common idea among accountants that public accounting is just a source of 2-6 years experience used to eventually obtain a job in private industry. If you are looking to make the switch from public to private, allow us to debunk the myths that might be motivating you: Read more

Job Searching Made Easy


We work with Tax, Audit and Accounting professionals within CPA firms in cities across the United States and have 18 years of experience in doing so. Here are just a few of the places we work in: Read more

You Get the Offer…Now What?


Your resume stood out from the crowd. You were invited in for an interview. You aced the interview and of course followed up by sending thank you notes. The second interview went even better than the first. The call comes in; you’ve been offered the job. Now what?

There are plenty of great books out on how to compose a resume. Almost as many books and countless articles on how to master the interview. Yet no books on what to do once you get the job offer.

With an offer in hand, there are 3 options on how to proceed. Read more

Beyond The Big 4


Did you know that there are options beyond The Big 4?

If you already work at a Big 4 firm or are planning to in the future, have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “why?” Sure, it was the natural choice. It was right there in front of you. It was what everyone else was doing – college classmates, peers, old colleagues. You figured: The Big 4 firms are the best firms. And, that makes sense…considering the limited information you were given.

But, what you may not know, is that beyond The Big 4 there are hidden treasures: local, regional, and national firms. You may think to yourself, “well of course I know about local, regional, and national firms.” However, do you really know anything about them? Did you know that they offer many of the same perks that The Big 4 firms offer, sometimes with other benefits that you may have not even known to be possible?

We’re not saying you have to switch right away. We’re not saying you have to switch at all. We’re just asking you to hear us out and to be open-minded.

What you have at The Big 4 versus what you could have at a local, regional, or national firm:

At The Big 4 firms, you are likely to work up to 400 hours of overtime every year, unpaid. That’s a lot of hours. That’s a lot of unpaid hours. At local, regional, and national firms, you will likely be paid (especially in California) for these hours and you will even more likely be working significantly fewer hours of overtime. Your hourly rate may even be increased, given that you would be paid for every single hour that you work. In just cutting down to 200 hours of overtime a year, you gain an extra 8 days every year. What could you do with 8 extra days? Oh, the possibilities…

Likely, you do a lot of traveling in your current job at your Big 4 Firm. Traveling is fun, sure…if you’re sight seeing. You’re probably not sight seeing and thus, your trips are probably not that fun. Working at a local regional, or national firm will give you more flexibility in traveling (or not), cutting your travel days down tremendously.

The Big 4 firms are located in large cities, typically in downtown areas. Chances are, you don’t live downtown. If you’re lucky, your commute isn’t long and going to work at your Big 4 firm every day is not a big deal. But, you may be one of the unlucky ones facing an hour commute every day. Is it worth it? If you could find a firm that has a high quality of work but is close by your house, wouldn’t that be better? Now you’re thinking: no such thing exists. That may not be true. Many local, regional, and national firms are located in other neighborhoods, giving you more opportunities and a shorter commute.

Are you considering it? Good. You should be rewarded for the hard work you do. But, we get it: The Big 4 is all you know. Not only are The Big 4 firms all you know, but also, you were told that one could not possibly do better than The Big 4. Now you are conflicted. Is being paid overtime and spending less time on airplanes worth giving up the best of the best? Let us address this question. Let us give you some information on who, “the best” really is. We’re not saying anything bad about The Big 4, because The Big 4 could be great; however, something else could be great too.

Big 4 firms are innovative, intricate, and advanced. You might think: no other firm could compare to the Big 4 firms’ sophistication. While the clients do differ – think multi-billion dollar versus multi-million dollar companies– the level of work is the same. Top accountants in these local, regional, and national firms began their careers as partners of the Big 4, 6, or 8 firms. They understand, appreciate, and mimic the same levels of advancement displayed by The Big 4. Where these smaller firms differ from The Big 4 is often in philosophy of how they treat individual employees. Like The Big 4, they are committed to giving their clients the very best.

Many people believe that The Big 4 firms provide the highest salaries in the business. While this may be true in some situations, many times, smaller firms actually pay their employees more. Local, regional, and national firms are dedicated to their employees. They value their employees’ time. This philosophy is not only demonstrations in overtime bonuses, but also, in salaries themselves. Smaller firms are committed to their employees, just as their employees are committed to the firms. This means paying their employees for the hard work they contribute to the company.

Does any of this sound good to you? Do these firms sound like the perfect balance of quality of work and quality of life? If so, please contact us for more information on various firms in your area (or others) that may be the perfect fit for you.


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What is Business Management? How do I break in?

What is business management


Business Management is a subsection of public accounting that deals with high net-worth individuals in the entertainment field — from actors and musicians to athletes, producers, directors and voice-over actors.  Business Management firms handle everything for these individuals that has to do with money — from financial planning, insurance, day-to-day bookkeeping, account payables and receivables, periodic financial statements, preparation of tax returns for the individuals and all their entities (their children, for example), setting up a new business entity, etc.

When these kinds of clients have any transaction that involves money — whether buying a house or getting into a joint venture with others — then they are represented not just by their attorney but by their business manager as well. Read more

Great Expectations: Recruiters and Candidates


Although I’m not a lonely old woman locked away in her spider-web adorned mansion wearing her wedding dress, I can be the key to your future success and fortune-your benefactor of sorts. However, Pip had to uphold to the high standards of elite London society before he could come into his fortune, just as candidates have expectations they must fulfill when working with recruiters. Likewise, recruiters have standards they need to maintain with their candidates.

As Pip learns, achieving nobility does not only include mastering the mannerisms and frivolities of the upper class but also maintaining one’s integrity and personal values. Both sides of the equation, the candidate and recruiter, expect trust and sincerity to achieve their goals. Unlike the mystery behind Pip’s secret benefactor, honest communication is essential to a good relationship with your recruiter. In a business world that is as ruthless and exclusive as high society in the Victorian age, there are certain expectations that must be attained in order to succeed. Read more

What You Should Know About Recruiters

Working with recruiters, specifically external ones, makes job searching, interviewing, and the post-interview process easier. External recruiters are considered the middle-man between firms and candidates. If you’ve never worked with one, you might be amazed at how beneficial they could be to you. Here’s an article that discusses what we do and the best way to work with one:

5 Things You Should Know About Recruiters

The 6 Most Important Resume Elements

Resume Tips

Your resume

You only get one chance to make a first impression.  Gone are the glory days of 2004-2008 when all you had to do was show up for an interview and you got hired.

In 2009, there were on average 9 applicants for each open position in Accounting and Finance.  In the administrative world, there were 19 applicants for each open position.

In any given week, I will receive 400-500 resumes.  I have about 3 seconds to look at a resume and decide if I will spend more time working with that candidate.  Most hiring managers have about the same amount of time to spend per resume.  You MUST make your resume stand out in that first 3 seconds. Read more

A Little Hand Holding Never Hurt

On “The Hills,” it seems like L.A. is filled with gorgeous young adults, with incredibly glamorous jobs, who still have plenty of time to hit the beach and work on their perfect tans.  What then, is preventing you from packing your bags and hopping on the next flight west to seek the ultimate job and life-style?  If you do see the City of Angels as the perfect place to spread your career wings and fly, don’t kid yourself.  While L.A. does present myriad job opportunities, relocating is challenging and guidance is key. Read more