The KEY to Making Job Relocation Smooth and Easy


Have thoughts of moving to the beautiful sunny coasts of Southern California been filling your dreams? Has the big red bridge of San Francisco been beckoning you to join the city? Have the northern coasts of the west and their miles of green living drawn your attention?

People everywhere are limiting themselves to a smaller radius of living due to the costs and fears involved in relocating. While the decision to relocate anywhere involves a great deal of consideration, it doesn’t have to be as daunting and expensive as perceived. So what, do you ask, is the key to making this madness attainable? A recruiter!

A recruiter within your profession can be the difference between a successful move/lifestyle change and a short-lived, failed career opportunity that leads you right back where you started. In fact, recruiters, like myself, specialize in relocation, making the process as easy and beneficial as possible. Here is how a recruiter can help you with moving to a new area and beginning a new career opportunity.

Start by making your relocation sellable to the employer

Whether it is for family reasons or simply a change in pace, employers want to know that you are committed to new opportunity instead of merely visiting a new area for a short period of time. Knowing your market value in any new area is the key to making your relocation beneficial to the employer. This is where a recruiter comes in handy. As a recruiter who has worked with top tier firms and hundreds of placements over the years, I know a fair assessment of your market value before you even book a flight.

Next comes the visit! In order to relocate, you have to secure the career. Pick a date at least two weeks in advance to come out with the purpose of interviewing. Once again, a recruiter will step in to coordinate interviews with as many firms as possible based on your given dates. Plan for at least a three calendar day trip to allow for second interviews and increase your opportunity for employment. As you are probably imagining, this process is overwhelming. Trust me, your recruiter, to set up interviews within a reasonable distance and time frame of each other so you can focus on discovering the new area and securing the job.

Once the interviews are over and the offers begin to roll in, your job is done! This is the recruiter’s turn to take over the negotiations to get all you need. As a recruiter, my focus is not only getting you the best market value, but trying to get you a sign-on bonus or relocation allowance. Negotiating the appropriate start date, to allow you the needed time for your move, is another important factor. As is housing in your new location. We have a large network of referrals for housing and other professionals for the purposes of getting you settled quickly and easily.

Job Relocation is an intricate process. A recruiter steps in to simplify your relocation—making it easy, helping you feel secure and confident in your decision, and getting you settled with a great company. That’s my main goal as a recruiter. Just remember any and every thought you may have along the way . . . we specialize in it!

– Allan Fisher

Owner/Founder of Premier Financial Search
(661) 799-0101
[email protected]