CalCPA 2021 Salary Survey – Published June 23


Four years ago, in conjunction with the California Society of CPAs (CalCPA), Premier Financial Search launched an annual, comprehensive survey to evaluate compensation at all firm levels within the state.

Virtual Onboarding: Tactics for Successful Engagement

COVID-19 has changed the way Americans work. Finance professionals, CPAs, and the firms that employ them are seeing the impact. While deploying a remote workforce was largely reactive, in some sectors, it is proving to be a durable and even preferred arrangement.

Virtual Placement – How to Know When You’re Ready to Hire Entirely Remote

Urgent and unavoidable: these were two words that describe how most companies viewed remote work arrangements over the past year. Now, however, what started as a temporary setup is becoming a solid state. As national leaders in financial recruiting and placement, the team at Premier Financial Search is watching this transition play out. There are […]

The KEY to Making Job Relocation Smooth and Easy


People everywhere are limiting themselves to a smaller radius of living due to the costs and fears involved in relocating. While the decision to relocate anywhere involves a great deal of consideration, it doesn’t have to be as daunting and expensive as perceived. So what, do you ask, is the key to making this madness attainable? A recruiter!

Debunking 5 Myths About the Benefits of Private Industry

Ryan Olstad, Research Associate There’s an unfortunately common idea among accountants that public accounting is just a source of 2-6 years experience used to eventually obtain a job in private industry. If you are looking to make the switch from public to private, allow us to debunk the myths that might be motivating you:

Job Searching Made Easy


We work with Tax, Audit and Accounting professionals within CPA firms in cities across the United States and have 18 years of experience in doing so. Here are just a few of the places we work in: