Getting to Know You: How PFS is Unique

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the next step in your career by working with a recruiter. Ready for your hard work and experience to pay off, you excitedly open the email they’ve sent you about a job opportunity. But… there’s a problem. It’s not appealing to you. Maybe the firm is too big for your taste, requires a different background, or simply doesn’t excite you. Now you’re facing two choices: Do I apply to a job I don’t even want? Or stay stationary, playing the waiting game in hopes I’ll be sent something with the perfect combination of circumstances?

When searching for new career opportunities, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of recruiting companies offering to help. How can you spot the differences between them, and how do you know which is best for you? How do you know where to go to avoid getting stuck shifting through one unappealing position at a time? Luckily, Premier Financial Search stands out in a few major ways to help make that choice easier.

For one thing, PFS is focused on you. Because other recruiters tend to juggle positions in different industries or career paths, their candidates often find themselves only able to explore one offer that fits their background and needs at a time. Without being tailored to your specific desires and abilities, working with these recruiters puts valuable time at risk, as you wait one position after another for the right fit.

At PFS, our recruiters work as your “agents,” rather than just a job board. When meeting or speaking with us, we listen to what drives you, and what you need regarding job parameters such as your ideal firm’s size, salary, and type of clientele.

From there, we can utilize our connections with major CPA firms (both local and national) to make multiple direct matches that fit your needs. Not only will these jobs be tailored to you, but you will be able to explore multiple openings simultaneously, allowing you to introduce yourself and network with a variety of firms. In addition, exploring three or four positions at a time allows for a great base of comparison between open positions, without having to miss out on opportunities or make employers wait.

Because of PFS’ long held experience recruiting accountants, you are guaranteed a reliable navigator throughout your job search process from the first interview to accepting a job. Guaranteed to assist in your success and satisfaction, we are experts, so you don’t have to be.


by Alexandra Campbell – Research Associate

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