Lauren (Sigfred) Furth

Recruiting Manager

With eight years of recruiting experience, I’ve become adept at connecting remarkable individuals with their ideal job opportunities. My approach is rooted in a deep passion for creating meaningful matches that not only fulfill career goals but also align with individuals’ core values, ensuring synergy between candidates and organizations. I have a proven track record of serving a broad spectrum of organizations, from Fortune 250 corporations and private equity-backed entities to agile startups. This diverse experience has given me a rich understanding of various organizational cultures and talent landscapes, enabling me to provide tailored search strategies and solutions.

Equipped with an accounting degree from University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, I deeply understand and align the distinct aspirations of candidates with the specific needs of organizations. My focus is on uncovering the unique strengths and potential of individuals, ensuring that every match is not merely a placement, but a profound connection that enriches both the team and the individual.

Besides my day job, I’m involved with TeamWomen, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women and girls to rise together. As a member of their Young Professionals Advisory Board, I contribute to their membership & professional development committees and engage in their mentor/mentee program, helping to lift others as I climb.