Smaller Firms – Larger Opportunities

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You’re considered cream of the crop, you’re on the market ready to be given the perfect opportunity; but how do you know you’re making the right choice? Many candidates nowadays do not know or see the potential in certain firms that supply them with offers. Some candidates just see the number of zeros after the […]

Don’t forget to say thank you!

Thank you notes: Why are they important? You’ve done it all. You prepared for the interview. You bought a new blazer. You showed up early with an updated resume and a smile. You aced the interview! You may be inclined to go home, relax, and wait. However, you have forgot the most important step: the […]

Salary Expectations…and Disappointments


You have eagerly awaited June all year. You have been a stellar employee. This year, you have not only met your job responsibilities, but you have also exceeded them. You have worked hard and you are certain that your hard work will pay off. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Hard work equals pay off? Your […]

How to Prepare for Interview Questions

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for an interview is to ask yourself the same questions that interviewers may ask you. Asking yourself these questions will help you answer more confidently, so you won’t look like a deer in headlights during your interview. Here’s an article that includes some of the most common […]

The Counter Offer: Blessing or Curse?


It’s that moment right before the fight begins, when the two contestants are circling around each other, staring into their opponents eyes, trying to psyche each other out. You and your boss feel the tension, but have been skirting around each other for months now, avoiding the problem. But then you make the first move… […]

Premier Financial Search makes it into SFV Business Journal’s Top 15 List

Look who made it onto San Fernando Valley Business Journal’s Top 15 Staffing and Employment Firms! We are very proud to say we did! Beginning in 2001, Premier Financial Search (PFS) started out as a one-person company. Now, PFS is considered to be a leader in the placement of public accounting professionals. As our firm […]