Kayla (Spinti) Tusler

Recruiting Director

Adept at bridging the soft skill/hard skill gap, Kayla’s qualifications bring to her role two unique but essential attributes: deep industry expertise and an interest in people and their processes. Having spent five years in the staffing division of a Top 10 accounting firm, she uses her impressive industry experience to do what she really loves – drive meaningful conversations, discover goals and motivations, and make placements that maximize results. Kayla has served clients from a wide range of markets – public and private, small family offices to Fortune 500 companies, from paraprofessionals to executive leadership. With a desire to enrich the professional lives of those working in the accounting industry, Kayla takes a bespoke, ‘people-first’ approach to each of her engagements.

Along with her high degree of specialization, Kayla also credits her diverse background and experiences for her ability to remain open to new perspectives. A Registered Dietician by trade, she is also a certified yoga instructor and seasoned traveler. Her trips have taken her to much of the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the United Kingdom. Kayla is currently in the planning stages for her next adventure in Bali.